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Various Goverment agencies we currently serve:

  • Public Healthcare Agencies

  • Federal and Local Police 

  • Municipalities and Provinces

  • Educational Departments and Ministries

  • Budgeting and Duties Collection Agencies

  • Executive Offices and Divisions

  • Government IT Departments

We seek a government transformation that provides significant improvement of the citizen experience


Netxar offers multiple solutions to support the different initiatives of the Public Sector segment. We seek a government transformation that provides significant improvement of the citizen experience, employee productivity and overall reduction of the operational expenses. Understanding the demands and the complexity of the day-to-day operation of the Public Sector, our philosophy of business is to serve with the urgency and transparency that it is required

Netxar assist Government

initiatives such as:

  • Unified Communication Systems: Providing a centralized communication system that interconnects all government agencies or sub-dependencies within one while reducing communication cost and administration complexity

  • Centralized Contact Center: Created for both government internal personnel and citizen support, contact center enables a single point of contact for handling and managing information

  • Interoperability and Collaboration System: Enabling the interoperability of portable radios, phone systems, data and video systems providing multiple point of communications and incident response

  • Public Safety Initiatives: IP Video Surveillance & Physical Security solutions enable the government agencies to provide security and confidence to employees and citizens while proactively reducing threats and eventualities

  • Data Center Consolidation: By virtualizing the IT infrastructure the organization can reduce the necessity of multiple hardware components, space, administration and other related costs

  • Manage and Monitoring Outsourcing: We offer a complete or partial outsource of the IT administration while guaranteed consistent agency connectivity and participate in as an intermediate to provide service provider resolution

  • Maintenance & Support: Critical environment and infrastructures requires complete manufacturer warranty, local technical support and operation assistant. We present a turn-key maintenance and support to guarantee up-time and reliability

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