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Various Financial customers we currently serve:

  • Central and HQ bank locations

  • Remote bank branches

  • Financial insurance agencies

  • Payments processing organizations

The most advanced senior certified engineers dedicated and specialized on each one of the industries


The financial industry is emerging into a rapidly dynamic environment that requires multiple services to address the current and future needs. With the actual economic downside conditions the financial segments needs to be more efficient and cost-effective. Our portfolio of solutions offers a sophisticated infrastructure to support highly secure, reliable information and provide the capacity to expand sales and service to multiple delivery channels

Netxar assist Financial initiatives such as:

  • Unified Communication Systems: Providing a centralized communication system that interconnects all the location within one while reducing communication cost and administration complexity

  • IP Video Surveillance & Physical Security: IP Video Surveillance & Physical Security solutions provides unification of multiple locations into a single intelligent and proactive safety

  • Data Center Consolidation: By virtualizing the IT infrastructure the organization can reduce the necessity of multiple hardware components, space, administration and other related costs

  • Systems Security & Compliance:  Protecting the employees and customers sensitive information without limiting the business operations and in the same time comply with the government regulatory requirements

  • Digital Media Systems: The utilization of intelligent digital media systems offer a significant improvement of the branch customer experience,  product and services branding and revenue increase by selling e-space to third parties

  • WAN Optimization: Maximizing the access to applications by eliminating redundant transmission, staging data in local caches and by compressing and prioritizing data

  • Manage and Monitoring Outsourcing: We offer a complete or partial outsource of the IT administration while guaranteed consistent school connectivity and participate as an intermediate to provide service provider resolution

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