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Various educational customers we currently serve:

  • Public schools

  • Central educational institutions

  • Private education organizations

  • Academies, Colleges and Learning Centers

Get education infrastructure solutions that provide the tools to engage both students and teachers in the education proces


The education system of a country defines the future of its society. At Netxar we offer multiple solutions with the focal point of improving the administrative processes, facilitate learning, achieve the educational metrics and guarantee a more secure and reliable educational environment. We believe on solutions that provide the tools to engage both students and teachers in the education process, helping them work together to create flexible teaching environments that meet the unique needs of each student's individual learning style

Netxar assist Educational initiatives such as:

  • Unified Communication Systems: Providing a centralized communication system that interconnects all schools, district offices and central locations within one system while reducing communication cost and administration complexity

  • Safety & Security Initiatives: IP Video Surveillance & Physical Security solutions enable educational institutions to provide security and confidence to the faculty and students while proactively reducing threats and eventualities

  • Digital Media Systems: The utilization of intelligent digital media systems offer a significant improvement in the educational communications and facilitate learning techniques beyond the classroom walls

  • Manage and Monitoring Outsourcing: We offer a complete or partial outsource of the IT administration while guaranteed consistent school connectivity and participate as an intermediate to provide service provider resolution

  • Maintenance & Support: Critical environment and infrastructures requires complete manufacturer warranty, local technical support and operation assistant. We present a turn-key maintenance and support to guarantee up-time and reliability

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