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The Netxar Difference

  • Instructors have made deployment from small, medium, enterprises, public sector and in multiple internet service providers

  • Local, regional and worldwide customer references

  • Personnel have work with Fortune 500 companies as IBM, Nortel, Motorola, ISS, HP, GTE among others

The most advanced senior certified engineers dedicated and specialized on each one of the technologies


Organizations are compelled to sharpen their skills in order keep up with the vast amount of technology available. Having the right skills means executing your business plans more efficiently with cost savings.  Our consultants use their real-life experience and comprehensive knowledge to provide training solutions that are focused on your specific requirements.  With our customized training, your staff will be equipped with the right tools and skills to understand, maintain and further your technology investment


  • Sharing of best practices techniques using real-life experience and examples

  • Technical laboratories to provide hands-on and customized trainings

  • Post-project personalized instructions on how to manage and support the specific components implemented

  • Case Studies and real-life IT manager experiences and resolution techniques

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